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Cereals. Corn Flakes Machinery/ Extruder (SLG65/SLG85)


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Cereals Snacks Machines / Corn Flakes Processing LineOperating easily all-automatic, Self cleaning to save manwork and time, Sanitary food grade, Durable with a long life time.Corn Flakes Processing Line is not just a combination of machines, but an integrated process starting with raw material feeding and ending at the packaging room. Thus, the system is quite versatile and able to produce a wide variety of cereal flakes and shaped breakfast cereals.A finished product having long lasting crispness in milk due to minimal damage of the cereal's starch structure during processing thanks to the particular process conditions. An end product exhibiting the best combination of texture, colour and flavour base on an accurate control of the conditioning, drying and toasting stages of the process. Unlimited choice of shapes and formulae for shaped cereal such as stars, crispies, pillows, rings, stars etc. Simple and fast possibility of intercombing the two over mentioned lines, in order to obtain the widest range of products with minimum expense.Model: SLG 65, SLG 85Capacity: 120-160kg/h, 300-350kg/hEquipment:1. Corn peeler 2. Miller 3. Mixer 4. Screw conveyer 5. Twin-screw extruder 6. Cooling conveying 7. Air conveyer-- 8. Tabletetting machine 9. Air conveyer 10. Three-layer oven 11. Hoister 12. Cooker 13 Sifter 14. Melting sugar---15. Sprayer sugar16. Hoister 17. Roller 18. Air compressor 19. Hoister 20. Five-layer oven 21. Cooing machineIf you have any questions or comments, contact me please.Parameter  SLG65    Corn Flakes processing line  SLG85                  Corn Flakes processing line  Installed capacity                        140KVA                                260KVA  Power                        110KW                              200KW  Output                                    120-160KG/H                                          300-350KG/H  Dimension                                      64× 3× 4m                                              64× 3× 4m
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