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Construction Machinery for Aerated Autoclaved Concrete Block Making


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GENERAL INTRODUCTIONThe AAC production process includes raw material preparation. batching and mixing. pouring. pre-curing. cutting. autoclaving. and packing. With decades of experience in serving the AAC blocks production machinery industry. we can supply customers with quality AAC block production lines with capacity ranging from 150.000m3 to 40.000m3 per year. AAC FINAL PRODUCTS ADVANTAGESAAC is a high-tech product that protects the environment and is used in a wide range of industries such as public works. industrial construction. civil housing. hospitals. hotels and schools. It can also be used in the building structure as external panels. floor panels and roof slabs. AAC products have special characteristics such as:Thermal Insulation:When used to build external walls. AAC products meet all strict requirements made by various countries without use of any other auxiliary thermal protecting materials. Tests show that AAC products with a thickness of 4-5cm perform the same function of thermal protection as one layer of common blocks; with a thickness of 7-8cm. AAC provides the same level of thermal protection as bricks double the thickness. Therefore AAC is not only a material that can be used to structures. it is also a high quality thermal material.Accuracy:AAC manufacturing technology and sophisticated equipment ensure dimensional accuracy with discrepancies within 1.0 mm on each face. Such performances outperform the national standard requirement.High Load Capacity:Because AAC products are cut on six faces with accuracy and installed by the use of a very thin layer of Mortar; this results in a high-strength product with hardness.Convenient Construction:AAC products can be sawn. drilled. nailed and machined using normal wood working tools. Also. simple construction details allow the designer. detailer and contractor to quickly and confidently complete the project without any anxiety over difficulty or voluminous details.Moisture Resistance:The cellular structure of AAC products are comprised of many independent. tiny and dispersed air spaces. Such a unique structure enables AAC products to effectively prevent water from penetrating through it.Fire resistance:The raw materials used in AAC products are absolutely non-combustible. Experiment results show that 10-cm thick walls made of AAC could stand against fire for at least 4 hours. Sound Insulation:Test results shows that AAC products have excellent acoustic performance. Walls made of AAC could reduce the noise range from 30-52dB depending on the thickness of the walls and different surface disposed.Reduce the Cost:Costs can be greatly reduced due to the lower input on construction and better site management. As the product is environmentally friendly. very little cleaning work is required. Green Design:AAC product is by no means harmful to the environment. All the materials are completely natural.  AAC BLOCK PRODUCTION PROCESSMixing period    5-6 minutesPouring slurry temperature    40-45ºCCake curing time    2.5-3.0hCake curing temperature    45~55ºCCake strength after curing    0.15~0.18MPaAutoclaved curing systemBefore-after autoclave      0.5hVacuumize      0.5h(0~-0.06MPa)Listing pressure        1.5h(-0.06~1.3MPa)Constant pressure        8h(1.3MPa)Releasing pressure       1.5h(1.3~0MPa)total                     12hCUTTING SYSTEM All the steel wire posts are fixed on two main oblique beams and each pair of posts is used to fix only one steel wire. so that the horizontal cutting machine can solve the settlement cracks problem in thin block and panel cutting. and achieve the minimum horizontal cutting thickness of 50MM block out of a whole mould.  The stability and accuracy of the vertical cutting machine can both reach the international advanced level. The integral swing frame can ensure the side plate replacement. the cutting can be synchronized with ferry replacement. With the automatic detection system. the broken wire can be timely detected.  AAC FINAL PRODUCTS  1.Product classificationProduct classification is according to national standards GB/T 11968-2006 AAC block. also can be according to user's requirements to produce product with special specifications size. Chart 1 Specification & IndexNameAAC blockWeight300~600 Kg/m3(control led by formula)After autoclave compressive strengthaverage value≥3.5MPa. Min. value<=2.8MpaDrying shrinkage valueMeasured under condition of rapid method≤0.8mm/m;Measured under condition of standard method≤0.5mm/mFrost-resistanceAfter the cycle of freezing and thawing for 15 times.weight loss≤ 5%.strength loss≤ 20%Coefficient of thermal conductivity≤0.14~0.16W/m.k 1.2 The block is classified by compressive strength and volume density.Strength level: A1.0. A2.0. A2.5. A3.5. A5.0. A7.5. A10.Dry density level: B03. B04. B05. B06. B07. B08.  1.3 Block levelThe block is divided into high-class(A). first-class(B). qualified product (C) according to the size variation. appearance quality. dry density. compression strength & frost-resistance.  1.4  AAC Block indicatorChart 3  Size variation& appearanceProjectIndicatorHigh-class(A)Qualified product(B)Permissible variation of dimensionmmLengthL±3±4WidthB±1±2HeightH±1±2Missing angleThe min. size not more than /mm030The max. size not more than /mm070Missing angle no. larger than the above size. not more than02Crack lengthThe crack length through one edge and two surfaces not more than crack directional size sum on crack surface01/3The crack length of any surface can not be larger than crack directional size01/2The cracks larger than the above size. not more than030The depth of cracking. sticking. damage can not be more than/mm01030Plain bendingNot allowedSurface porosity. lamination crackNot allowedSurface oilNot allowed  Chart 4  Cubic compression strength for block  Strength levelCubic compression strength (MPa)Average not less thanSingle group min. not less thanA1.01.00.8A2.02.01.6A2.52.52.0A3.53.52.8A5.054.0A7.57.56.0A10.0108.0  Chart 5  Dry density for block(kg/m3)Dry density levelB03B04B05B06B07B08Dry densityHigh-class (A)≤300400500600700800Qualified product (B)≤325425525625725825  Chart 6  Strength level for blockDry density levelB03B04B05B06B07B08Strength levelHigh-class (A)≤A1.0A2.0A3.5A5.0A7.5A10.0Qualified product (B)≤A2.5A3.5A5.0A7.5
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