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Eco Maquinas Interlocking Brick Machine Hr1-10 Compressed Soil Brick Machine


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The details of HR1-10 soil interlocking brick making machineWhat's Eco-friendly Soil-cement Interlocking Blocks?Interlocking refers to the male and female ridges on the top and bottom as well as front and back of the Hydraform blocks. These ridges then lock into one another to lock the blocks into place. Our blocks are cured, not burnt and therefore requires NO burning trees. The bricks in an average clay house could burn as many as 60-100 trees. Our blocks are made from earth (soil) which is an excellent insulation material; it keeps structures cool in the warmer months and warm in the cooler months, thus reducing carbon footprints. Because our blocks are also made from soil and clay and only 10% cement, the blocks require no harmful additives. Why Make Eco Interlocking Bricks?Interlocking technology saves money, time and increases your productivity1.      Local material-- our block making machines hydraulically compress soil (earth) mixed with cement into solid blocks.2.      Cost effective production-- our blocks are manufactured with only 10% cement to achieve 7Mpa blocks after 14 days of curing.3.      Cost effective construction-- no burning of blocks- cure for 14 days during site clearance and laying foundation.4.      Speed-- when cured, the soil-cement blocks can be dry-stacked in the superstructure representing as much as a 30% saving in cost and time.5.      Reduced labor costs-- interlocking blocks can be laid 3 times faster than cement blocks therefore less labor time per house and faster construction.6.      Earth (soil) blocks are thermally efficient reducing energy requirements, cool during warm weather and warm during cool weather. Advantages of our clay interlocking brick making machine1.      Save up to 30% in construction costs2.      Faster and Easier construction3.      High Quality firebrick like finish4.      After sales support to ensure NO down time on your site5.      Low machine maintenance costs6.      Mobile machines enable you to make blocks where you need them   Features of HR1-10 Brick machine1.With 15cm diameter hydraulic cylinder,Processing shift short,high efficiency and higher pressure2.Surrounding style protective screening,Avoid concrete pellets from hopper hurt workers3.Hydraulic oil meter.With this,it is easy to adjust rated pressure,for different brick pressure requirement4.Brick molding.With screw to be connected in order to change molding more easierly5.Discharging system with Intelligence sensor.Discharging is more Accurate and uniform6.Oil tank.With vault design.The tank volume gets larger,more easier to pump7.Sensor controlling.All of processing is with sensor controlling.MakMake sure every step perfect and accurate8.Siemens electric motor.Famous brand motor,No.1 in the world.1.       HR1-10 block machine specification rated power 3 kw or 15 HP diesel engine overall size 1000x1000x1800mm   weight 1000kg cycle10 secondselectricity source380v/50HZ (adjustable)cooling wayWater coolingswitchAutomatic rated pressure 16mpa  Capacity TableBlock sizePcs/mouldPcs/hour250x125x100mm1500-600125x125x100mm21000-1200300x150x100mm1500-600150x150x100mm21000-1200300x150x100mm1500-600300x150x100mm1500-600 Company profile  Henry Industrial Co., Ltd has been committed to the designing, manufacturing and selling construction machinery. We have the domestic advanced equipments, super professional skills, and 20 year production experience.The company stands in the development of block machine and has extended the related machinery production and sale, mainly in construction machinery, road building machinery, heavy machinery and equipment. At present, main products have reached block machine, brick machine, AAC light brick, road brick machine, paving machine, curb-stone machine, electric pole equipment, pipe making machine, crusher, mixer, generator, loaders, excavators, piling driving machine, cutting machine, plastic mould and so on.The company has been put the new technology, new products in the first place, has applied for 23 patents, the patent technology guarantee equipment to be rationality, stability, reliability, customers have been widely praise and acclaim on it .Company products are exported to Europe and the United States, Africa, the Middle East and America more than 100 countries and regions, now has 3 offices in foreign countries, which provide good customer service after sale for foreign customers.Company contact information Company Name:Linyi Henry Machinery FirmOperational Address:Rm. 312, Lian'an Xiandaicheng, Crossing Of Yizhou Road And Taoran Road, Lanshan Dist., Linyi, Shandong, China (Mainland)Website:http://www.legobrickmachine.comWebsite on alibaba.com:http://blockmakingmachine.en.alibaba.com  Our servicePre-sale (1) Professional suggestions (raw material matching, machine selection, planThe condition of building factory, feasibility analysis for brick machine production line)(2) Device model choice (recommend the best machine according to the raw material, capacity and the size of brick)(3) 24 hours on-line service(4) Welcome to visit our factory and production line any time, if you need, we can make invitation letter for you.(5) Introduce the company file, product categories and production process.Sale: (1) Update the production scheduling in time(2) Quality supervision(3) Product acceptance(4) Shipping on timeAfter-sale: (1) The engineer will guide to carry out the plant at the clients side if needed.(2) Set up, fix, and operate (3) offer training to the operator until they are satisfied at clients side.(4) Skill support for the whole using life.(5) Recall clients regularly, get feedback in time; keep well communication with      each otherFAQQ: What does our block consist of?A: Our blocks are composed of soil and mixed with 8-10% cementQ: What soil is required to make interlocking blocks?A: laterite soil or Murrum is preferred . Generally you can use soil with a 15-35% clay and silt content.Q: Can black cotton soil be used to produce interlocking blocks?A:Never use black cotton soil as it contains highly reactive clay and the blocks will crack when they dry. Black cotton soil also contains high amounts of organic material not suitable for block production.Q: How long does it take before blocks are ready for construction?A: We recommend that blocks are cured under black plastic for a minimum of 7 days. Allow the blocks to dry for a further 7 days before building. Blocks will achieve maximum strength after 28 days Q: How strong are the blocks our machine made?A: We recommend a minimum of 8% cement which once properly cured should yield a Min 7MPa block.Q: Can any cement be used for making blocks and bricks?A: We recommend fresh, high quality cement with a strength class of 42,5N or higher be used.
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