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Hhd Stable Automatic Chicken Egg Incubator for Sale Yz8-48


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Hhd Stable Automatic Chicken Egg Incubator for Sale Yz8-48*** Chicken egg incubator introduction:Full auto turn. temperature. humidity. hatching auto countdown day etc.Digital Automatic temperature. day. countdown & humidity readout This auto turner chicken egg incubator can hatch 48 eggs of all sizes.We have made one big foam package outside body of this chicken egg incubatorComes with all foam box packing for extra damage protectionThe foam Packing allows the unit to remain warm and gives best results when operated in a steady room temperature*** Chicken egg incubator technology parameter:Full Instruction Operating Manual & Incubation GuidePower supply: 110Volt or 220/240Volt - 50Hz.Frequency: 80WWeight: 5.7kg*** Chicken egg incubator feature:Here's why this Incubator is the BEST...Fully automatic. Digital precise ELECTRONIC TEMPERATURE CONTROL.Alarm when hatching temperature is out of rangeAlarm when the hatching humidity is out of rangeHigh refined design with streamlined shapeAutomatic 2 hourly egg turningEgg tray as per 2 hours***Chicken egg incubator warranty:Brushless FAN for excellent air circulation with lower noise to keep the ideal steady temperature insideAdjustable temperature settingEASY TO CLEAN AND SANITIZE- unlike some industrial incubators!LARGE 48 EGG CAPACITY.Suitable for ALL POULTRY - Chickens. Ducks. Goose. Turkey. Quail waterfowl through to parrots and birds &etc.Separate water channels for HUMIDITY MANAGEMENT.Automatic hatching Days Display3 YEARS'WARRANTY.***Efficient Chicken Egg incubator1). Efficient chicken eggs incubator is automatic in temperature. humidity. alarm and egg turning control2). Theses chicken egg incubator is all suitable for incubation and hatching.3). We use color plate housing for incubator's appearance and adopt seesaw egg turning structure.4). Intelligent Hatch Controller5). Add new function: Water intake holeThis chicken egg incubator is suitable for the families and specialized households to incubate chickens. ducks. and geese. etc. This machine is produced according to the testing requirements of CE technoloystandard of EU. and has good reputation fromThe peasants in the rural area of eastern Europeancountries. The machine has the characteristics of strong practicality. simple operation and long service life. High refined design with streamlined shapeFor the beginner to the professional. the most competitive with high quality. Automatic digital display temp & Humidity setting and Control function. Temperature and humidity calibration and setting function by user(Factory setting: 35-40 degrees C)***Temperature digital display for chicken Egg IncubatorAutomatic egg turning available with Auto egg tray(egg Van) as per 2 hour48 eggs capacityDuplicated insulation base by bottom body and egg trayUniversal Tray for all egg typesRoom temperature range -20-35 CRoom humidity range -20-70% RhThank you for viewing our products. And any interest. please feel free to contact us. And our mobile number is 0086-15079160072. your dear Tiffen Model Chicken eggsDuck eggsBird eggsOstrich eggsGooseeggsWeight  /kgVolume/ CBMPackingsize/ cmYZTIE-1241554 7230.2150*51*81YZTIE-24830117 15300.2560*51*81YZTIE-38863221 32400.3973*62*86YZTIE-4176126442 64430.4473*62*96YZTIE-5264189663696460.4873*62*106YZTIE-6352252884 128520.5373*62*116YZTIE-74403151105 160550.5873*62*126YZTIE-8528378132612192590.7798*74*106YZTIE-9880630221024306750.9798*74*136YZTIE-1010567562652 432851.32121*78*139YZTIE-1112328823094 5041001.43121*78*151YZTIE-12140810083536365761051.57121*78*166YZTIE-13158411343975 6241151.76139*91*139YZTIE-14184813234641547281231.91139*91*151YZTIE-15211215125304 8321332.1139*91*166YZTIE-162464176459677210081432.3139*91*176YZTIE-17264018906630 10241502.4139*91*186YZTIE-18281620197072 10401653.1182*91*186YZTIE-193168226879569612961753.3182*91*196YZTIE-20352025208840 14401853.5182*91*206YZTIE-21387227729724 15841953.6182*91*216YZTIE-22422430241012810817282053.8182*91*226YZTIE-234576327610608 18722154182*91*236YZTIE-24528037801149214421602203.8186*102*197YZTIE-258448604813260 34564408.7110*186*212*2YZTIE-26985670562475233640324609.3110*186*227*2YZTIE-2712672907231824 518466013.1110*186*212*3YZTIE-28147841058437128 604868014110*186*227*3YZTIE-29168961209642432504691270014.6110*186*237*3YZTIE-30197121411247264 806490018.6110*186*227*4YZTIE-312252816128565766729216100019.4110*186*237*4Any interest. please contact with me:Tiffen(0086 15079160072)
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