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Super Quality Pellet Feed Cooler with Cheap Price


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Product Feature  Super Quality Pellet Feed Cooler with Cheap PriceScope of application 1,Mainly applicable to a variety of granular material cooling.Main features 1,Adopted countercurrent cooling principle, full cooling and uniformity. 2,Adopted special slide valve discharging structure. 3,Slide valve discharging structure running smoothly. 4,After cooling the particle temperature will not higher than room temperature +3-5ºC. 5,SKLN6 and the above monfigured to rotate the bulk material structure.Livestock & Poultry Complete EngineeringProvide Layout ,Flow design, Manufacture, Installation, Commissioning,Electrical Control and Operation Training.1  Construction of all sizes livestock and poultry premix production line (5-120t / h)2  Tailored to your production plant and a full-service3  Can be formulated according to customer requirements, installationLivestock Poultry Feed Production Line 1  10-80t/h pig feed production line2  10-20t/h suckling pig feed production line3  10-80t/h chicken feed production line4  10-80t/h duck feed, goose feed production line5  10-60t/h rabbit feed production line ModelMain Power(KW)Capacity t/hCooling Capacity(m³)Cooling Time(min)After cooling the material temperatureSKLN1.50.75+0.5531.5 Not less than 6-10minNot higher than room temperature3-5ºCSKLN2.50.75+0.5552.5SKLN41.5+1.1104SKLN61.5+1.1+0.37156SKLN81.5+1.5+0.37208SKLN101.5+1.5+0.372510
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